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CO2 Laser stretch marks elimination treatment
The C02 dot matrix laser uses a scanning lattice to emit a laser, forming a combustion zone consisting of laser lattice and spacing on a difficult stretch of stretch marks. Each laser is composed of a single or several high-energy laser pulses. It can penetrate directly to the dermis layer to reduce winkles and scars. It can active tissue to repair, collagen remodeling and a series of skin reactions, while stimulating the proliferation of collagen. Under the laser action, the collagen fiber will shrink about 1/3. As a result, stretch marks will be eliminated because thin wrinkles are flattened, the depth of the wrinkles become lighter and thinner, the skin becomes compact and shiny.
Once $800

ULtra Shape Non-invasive Reduce Fat Machine
Ultra Shape system, also known as the accumulation of ultrasonic lacquer instrument. It can gather the ultrasonic energy accurately and delivered to the specific depth of the subcutaneous fat layer. The mechanical force on the decomposition of fat cells to reduce the number of fat cells and achieved the effect of weight loss body sculpting.
Arm 、Small belly、 Waist on both sides 、Small back、 Midfielder、 Inner thighs 、Calf. * Once $350 / 6 times $1500
Big back、 Big belly、 Outer thighs * Once $600  / 6 times $2500
Belly + Waiston both sides、 Ourter thighs & inner thighs * Once $900 / 6 times $3800