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Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment
Deep layer cleansing, peeling, steaming, therapeutic massage your skin to remove pimple or blackhead with vacuum or pimple needle. Reduce inflammation using the high frequency ozonematic machine. Applying essence with ultrasound for deeper penetration, in order to remove freckles, wrinkles, and to moisturize the skin with a base mask and soft mask.
* Once $70 / 10 times $499

Sea C Spa treatment
Focus on dry, dark spot ,loose uneven skin color, the Uygur C seaweed plant moist & antioxidant essence, eliminates the free radical effectively product by the ultraviolet radiation, stimulate collagen synthesis, the increase cell and the whitening function.
* Once 98 / 10 times $750

Peach - apricot Treatment
Treatment recommended for all skin types, especially suitable for skin lacking in radiance. Uses peach and almond, which contains a cocktail of vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, E, etc. It helps your skin to regain its vitality as sunny days return. Also lifts and tightens your skin.
* Once $98 / 10 times $750

Hydradvance Intensive treatment
Hydradvance Intensive treatment : A made-to-measure treatment, an incomparable hydrating power with an immediate , long-lasting effect. At the heat of this innovative programme is an exclusive and patented active from Sothys Advanced research, " boletus extract 1055*." The Intensive treatment targets the skins hydration mechanism via an immediate and long lasting action. Proven efficiency !
* Once $98 / 10 times $750

Laser 360 iQ for Timeless Beauty
Plxel perfect is one of the revolutionary skin treatments from Alma Lasers that offers you the chance to look younger, healthier and let your inner radiance free. The laser treatment can clear years of sun damage such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Pixel Perfect can also shrink the appearance of pores and smooth out acne scars, giving you the soft and flawless skin of years gone by, In other words, Plxel Perfect can help transform blotchy, spotted and pockmarked skin into the radiant glow of one's youth.
* Once $250