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Puracne Oxygen Peel
* Promote exfoliation of the skin's surface layers
* Favour cell renewal
* Improve the texture of the skin
* Reduce the signs of aging
* Diminish hyper pigmentation
* Treat acne concerns
* Brighten the complexion
* Leave the skin feeling silky soft
* Once $45 / 10 times $250

Algomask Acne Treatment:
In light of sensitive s which is both porous and lacks water, the seaweed powder and seaweed essence water mix, produces massive oxygen and seeps to the skin's first sub-dermal layer. This achieves of the affect of providing more oxygen to the skin cells, accelerates metabolism and causes protein to synthesize rapidly, even if the skin is injured (examples: hypodermic blood vessel ruptures, dark sores and inflamed sensitive skin). All of which can be repaired, providing the skin with a soft, supple and smooth appearance。
* Once $98 / 10 times $750

Intense Diamond Peel +Essence Treatment
The IDP TM exfoliate the top layer of the skin by using genuine diamond crystals at the tip to gently sand the skin while simultaneously sloughing off the dead skin cells in a sterile and controlled manner . Unlike the traditional microdermabrasion, the IDP TM do not use loose crystals or other abrasives that may cause irritation & skin reaction . Rather , this innovative device offers a hypoallergenic treatment using diamond crystals to perform a customized exfoliation treatment for each area of your skin . After just one treatment you will already begin to experience softer, smoother, cleaner skin ! When used regularly, this system works wonderfully on all skin types can be used on the face , neck , decollate or the entire body for a youthful , polished appearance.
* Once $98 / 10 times $750

Aqua Peel Deep Cleansing Treatment
Aqua Peel gives you the solution by supplying moisture, black head removal and skin purification. Your skin will be revitalized. It is a non-needling technology which blackhead can be remove without a needle or without squeezing. Usage of spiral tip to remove dead skin cell and moisturize skin. Aqua peel can make the molecules in the water smaller so oxygen is more likely to dissolve into the gap of the atomic group. Through the vacuum negative pressure to form a vacuum circuit, the ultra-fine bubbles and nutrient solution fully integrated, specially designed spiral tip directly on the skin, promote the role of stripping. The combination of small bubbles and adsorption, in the absence of pain in the case of the hair follicle funnel parts to open, remove the skin keratinous metabolic waste, while the skin to provide adequate and lasting nutrients, so that the skin cuticle to achieve moist, delicate, Shiny, so that ultrasonic knife, water needle and other high-end equipment to better carry out.
*Once $ 128 / 10 times $ 950
Add Special on facial treatment. Once $ 75 /   10 times $ 500

Water tender instrument care
1 water tender treatment = 1000 light skin rejuvenation care mask treatment. After the treatment, the skin will plump firm and continue to release from the bottom skin moisturizing, skin moisture, keep eijun translucent, fixed skin conditions. You will have baby smooth porcelain like muscle, skin water shortage is rooted in "hyaluronic acid content decreases", skin and water retention function. Therefore, only the hyaluronic acid can penetrates into the deep layer of skin, to creat the ultimate moisturizing effect。
* Once $250

Black Doll
Tighten or diminish the appearance of pores.
Refine the texture of your shin.
Brighten the skin and revive the complexion and give a radiant glow.
Regulate the PH of your skin.
* Once $250

Laser 360 iQ System
Clear inflammatory acne lesions without drugs or undesirable side effects using the Harmony XL AFT Laser Pandpieca , Intense blue wavelengths in the range of 420-950nm target the porphyrins produced as part of the normal metabolism of P. acnes bacteria . The interaction of the intense blue light and the porphyrins creates singlet oxygen that rapidly destroys the bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.
* Once $250

CO2 Laser anti-acne scar removal treatment
C02 dot matrix pixel laser on the skin evenly and marked with fine holes, and then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions. Repair and rejuvenation scar tissue and gasification of wrinkles. At the same time, deep activation of collagen continues to regenerate, repair the skin-deep tissue, collagen fibers in the role of the laser produced about one-third of the contraction, small wrinkles were flattened, deep wrinkles lighter, the skin becomes compact and shiny Pox pit, eliminate the smallpox in India, acne scars smooth, tender skin, whitening color.
* Once $400